Financial Aid

SoccerTech fully understands that not every family will be in the same financial situation and that times can be extremely tough. We also support the notion that “EVERY KID SHOULD PLAY”.

As such, we fully support JumpStart and KidSport initiatives. In order to register with SoccerTech, please follow our instructions exactly:

First, register at either JumpStart or KidSport in their online registration forms. Please do NOT use any pdf forms to register.

Second, note the registration number provided by either JumpStart or KidSport in their online registration.

Third, register your child at PowerUp software and chose “JumpStart/KidSport” as payment. When prompted, please enter the registration number in the appropriate field. KidSport will direct deposit; JumpStart will mail us cheques.

Please note: any and all over-payment is not the responsibility of SoccerTech and we will not issue re-imbursements to parents. Instead, SoccerTech will review each individual file and potentially reimburse back to JumpStart and/or KidSport, minus any charges and fees SoccerTech might have incurred.