Outdoor U14 House League

Is your son or daughter born in 2004 or 2005?

This league will be of interest to him or her.

Practice within your community, play locally!

Gender-specific teams: Girls practice Mondays and play Wednesdays.  Boys practice Tuesdays and play Thursdays.  All sessions reflected their older age and are now 1.5 hours in length.

Only some travel is required in this league set-up. All practices will be held within your community (unless your team ends up being combined from neighboring communities).  For game play, you will play at home and will need to expect minor travel to other local communities (Arbour Lake, Symons Valley, Evanston, Hidden Valley, Edgemont, Dalhousie, Northern Hills and Skyview).  Driving times should not exceed 15 minutes in regular traffic and road conditions.

At $95, affordable Pricing with great value!

This league is meant to be highly affordable and offers great value for the money.  Features will include technical training, pictures, full uniforms, access to your local communities soccer wind-up party.  Players will only need to bring shin guards, soccer shoes or runners and water bottles.

April 30th to June 23rd, 2018 – two sessions per week!

Represent your community in this league!

It will always be the goal to create full community based teams first and foremost and only combine community teams in extreme situations.  For these situations, very minor travel might be necessary for combined teams…

Volunteering – a privilege and requirement!

This program is run on a volunteer base and because of it, its cost is being kept low.  Volunteer options are advertised on a first-come, first-served basis.  Volunteer Opt-Out options do exist as well.

Low Registration Solution!

In case the U14 League should experience a lower than expected registration number, we will field the teams as part of the Intercommunity House League program; their website information is here: http://ichl.hewlett-ward.com/.  As this option is not controlled by SoccerTech, we cannot suggest travel times to represent the numbers stated above.

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